About the Centre

The new Prospect Road community centre opened its doors June 19th 2010.

This state of the art facility has:

  • A full size gymnasium and multi purpose space
  • A wide variety of Recreation programming
  • A weight and fitness room
  • A Dance Studio
  • An Art Room
  • Meeting space / activity space / space for local clubs and organized activities
  • Administration space
  • An indoor community street – open space.

This facility is the focal point for recreation services and programs, social events and community meetings for residents from Goodwood to West Dover in Western HRM.

The Prospect Road Community Centre is situated on 15 acres of land between Hatchet Lake Fire Hall and Prospect Road Elementary School. The Community Centre compliments existing recreational spaces including soccer fields, baseball diamonds and local schools. The facility will also serve as an excellent impetus for future recreation growth in the area, most noted being the development of the Western Commons.

The Prospect Road Community Centre is owned by Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) but it is Managed by a Volunteer Management Group made up of local residents, and falls under the umbrella of the Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC)

History behind the Community Centre

The offical Ground Breaking event took place on Friday, June 12, 2009

For many years the need for a community centre in the Prospect Road area had been talked about. In the mid 1990′s a survey was conducted by the Prospect Road and Area Recreation Association that showed community support, and plans were drafted for a facility that would have been built in the Pinedale Park area of Prospect.

However, at that time the opportunity also arose to build a competitive soccer field and an additional baseball diamond at Brookside Junior High School – these outdoor facilities were in huge demand at that time, and indeed continue to be well used on a regular basis.

In November 2003 the Prospect Road & Area Recreation Association hosted a public meeting as part of HRM’s Indoor Recreation Facilities Master Plan process. The meeting was very well attended, and as a result the Prospect Area was identified as a candidate for a Community/Neighbourhood facility. Throughout 2004 meetings were held between community and HRM staff. In June 2005 HRM issued a call for application from community volunteers, and the Steering Committee was struck in August 2005

From 2005 until the facility opened in 2010 the Steering Committee worked tirelessly in partnership with community and HRM to conduct a Needs Assessment, select the site, hire an Architect, oversee the design and construction of the building, and recruit a Volunteer Management Board to oversee the operation and programming.

The Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC) stepped up to be the Volunteer Management Board for the Prospect Road Community Centre. Over a two year period the Steering Committee worked collaboratively with the ROC through the transition from construction to operations.

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